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Ever feel like navigating social is just ‘tew much”? Well, guess what? THAT’S NORMAL! Your social media journey is a series of exciting cycles, or as we like to call them, ‘eras.’ And here’s the scoop – no era lasts forever! 

It’s perfectly normal to transition from being a newcomer to fully flourishing on social media, only to feel like a newcomer again when a platform introduces new features. On the flip side, experiencing a flop era, or even a few of them , is completely part of the process. We all encounter these moments, friend. However, more than anything, they serve as neon red flags that it’s time to refresh your strategy or seek assistance so you can focus on the parts of your business that ignite your passion💫


Alright, it’s time to dive headfirst into these social media eras, whether you’re just dipping your toes or riding the wave like a pro!


Newbie Era: The Social Media Newbie’s Adventure

Picture this: You’re at the starting line of your social media journey, navigating the uncharted waters of hashtags, filters, and emojis. You’ve officially entered the Newbie Era! It’s like being the new kid in school, trying to find your place. Trust me, we’ve all been there. And here’s the best part-  It’s more than okay; it’s a rite of passage! As you scroll through your feed, you’re in good company with fellow newbies who are also finding their footing.



A Few Actionable Tips:

  • Embrace the fact that we all start as newbies. Once upon a time, EVERY page started out with 0 followers. Enjoy this time on social media where you’re still figuring things out and learning. 
  • Celebrate small wins! That first like, comment, or share; no matter how tiny they may seem, deserve celebration. Each piece of engagement is a step in the right direction.
  • This is prime time to post often, test everything, and see what sticks. Social media is ever-changing, and while jumping in with a strategy is always a great idea, you won’t know what works until you try it, analyze it, and continue to refine. In other words, your newbie phase is all about frequency, consistency, and testing.  



Honeymoon Era: Riding the Social Media Wave of Success

*Cues time machine sound effects* You’ve landed smack in the middle of The Honeymoon Era. Your digital adventure is picking up some speed, sis! Your content is like a hit song on the charts, resonating with you audience. The thrill of potential breakthroughs keeps you fired up, and every notification feels like a celebratory cheer. 

But here’s the real magic: You’ve discovered your niche, that sweet spot that makes you stand out in the crowded digital arena. Authenticity becomes your guiding star as you cultivate your personal brand. While it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers game, you realize that genuine, meaningful connections are what truly matter. You engage with your audience, respond to comments, and build a loyal following that values not just your content but the connection they have with you. And speaking of connections, The Honeymoon Era might just bring you exhilarating opportunities to expand your reach and deepen your expertise in the social media game.



A few Actionable Tips:

  • Be intentional about capturing that ‘lightning in a bottle’ that’s been creating success for you; pay attention to what’s working, and think about ways you can up the anty for even better results.
  • Keep community first: while growth is always great, catering to your existing audience should always be your first priority. Your day ones become your biggest brand ambassadors, so be sure to keep nurturing them.
  • Yes, vanity metrics are nice. But above all, they’re data we use to make decisions – not a determinator of success. Don’t let the ebbs and flows of engagement mess with your mental – you’re on a roll, sis!



Flop Era: Surviving the Social Media Rollercoaster Plunge

But wait, plot twist – you’re in The Flop Era now. This is the phase where strategies that once worked like magic suddenly seem to have lost their spark. The algorithm, once your bestie, is playing hard to get, and you’ve got frustration and burnout knocking on your digital door. 

Social media burnout is real, and recognizing the signs is crucial. The unpredictable nature of algorithms might leave you scratching your head, but this is when you’ll need to develop sustainable strategies to adapt to constant changes. Remain patient and remember, it’s all part of the game.



A few Actionable Tips:

  • Your wellbeing should take center stage. Combat social media burnout by taking breaks, step away from screens, and recharge your creative battery.
  • ‘Flopping’ pretty much just means you’re getting less engagement, and that’s typically just a result of changing platforms and people behaviors. Look to your data for answers on what you’re doing that IS working. Then look at how the platforms you’re on are changing so you can adapt in a way that makes sense for you. 
  • Nothing good lasts forever – not even a great social media strategy! If what you’ve done in the past isn’t working anymore, channel your energy into creating fresh content ideas and out of the box approaches to how you show up on social media. 



Glow Up Era: Shining Bright in the Social Media Spotlight

And here comes The Glowup Era! You’ve emerged stronger and wiser and it’s all about mastering your craft. Your social media game is on point, and you’re ready to level up your online presence. Your growth should be strategic. Set clear goals to track your progress. It’s not just about the numbers but about reaching the RIGHT audience and creating content that deeply connects. This might also be the era where you explore monetization avenues. 

Turning your passion into profit is the dream, and with the right strategies, it’s absolutely achievable. But remember, the journey is far from being over, friend! The social media landscape is ever-evolving, and it’s essential to keep evolving with it. Stay updated on trends, embrace change, and continue to shine bright like the social media superstar that you are!



A few Actionable Tips:

  • Now that you have a winning equation, be sure to fine tune your content and keep optimizing to streamline your success.
  • Remember that social media is only PART of the puzzle! Make sure you’re overall marketing and sales strategies are setting you up to achieve the bigger goals you have for your brand; whether that be attracting more speaker opportunities or driving more sales. 
  • This era isn’t permanent – so be ready to adapt to the inevitable changes. 


Our journey in these digital streets is all about cycles. No era is permanent! You might go from newbie to glowup, only to find yourself feeling like a newbie again. It’s all part of the adventure. Your online journey can be pretty beautiful. Sometimes you just need to unveil the hidden gems to make it shine even brighter. Do don’t give up:  always be ready to ✨PIVOT ✨ and keep riding the social media rollercoaster with style!


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