You're a...Social Media Collaborator

Your priority is fostering conversations and interactions with your audience and you value teamwork and input from your team for a well-rounded strategy.


Your content is relatable, making your audience feel like part of a community and sharing personal experiences creates a strong bond between you and your audience.

But right now it sounds like you may prioritize engagement over other important social media metrics. And focusing on personal experiences might cause you to miss out on trending topics. But no worries, we’ve compiled a set of tips to help you slay in the realm of social media.


10 Steps To Propel You Ahead 🥂

Step #1: Engagement Extravaganza

Getting your audience to engage? You got this! Instead of chasing engagement, be the engagement magnet. Craft content that sparks conversations and invites opinions. Your content is the beat that gets your followers dancing.


Step #2: Masterful Mapping

Your content flow is like music to our ears. Continue planning those thematic beats on a weekly/monthly basis. But here’s the pro tip: Sync up with your team regularly to fine-tune the melodies. Teamwork makes the engagement dream work.


Step #3: Broadcasting Brilliance

You want your social media presence to feel like a radio station? Brilliant! Think of each post as a broadcast segment. Share thought-provoking interviews, soulful thought pieces, and interactive segments that make your audience tune in for more.


Step #4: Personal Sparks

Drawing inspiration from personal experiences and FAQs is genius. It’s like spinning real-life stories that your audience can relate to. You’re not just creating content; you’re sharing a piece of your journey.


Step #5: Platform Performance

Repurposing content across platforms is your jam. Keep doing it, but sprinkle some platform-specific magic. Adapt your content to match each platform’s flavor. It’s like playing a familiar tune with a new remix.


Step #6: Feedback Fuel

You’re onto something by analyzing comments and feedback. Take it up a notch. Create engagement metrics like comment rates, shares, and click-throughs. This way, you’re not just listening to the applause; you’re measuring the decibels!


Step #7: Creative Consistency

Consistency is your radio frequency. Maintain a regular posting schedule. It’s like tuning into your favorite show at the same time every day. Your audience will anticipate your content like clockwork.


Step #8: Call to Conversations

Craft your captions and posts to invite discussions. Ask open-ended questions, encourage stories, and tap into your audience’s experiences. You’re creating a space for your followers to share their thoughts.


Step #9: Story Arcs

Just like a radio show has story arcs, create content arcs. Build suspense, dive into the heart of the matter, and deliver satisfying conclusions. Your audience will be hooked on your content’s journey.


Step #10: Community Conductor

Create a sense of community by acknowledging and highlighting your engaged followers. Feature their comments, stories, and insights. It’s like giving them a moment in the spotlight.



Alright, now you’ve got the playbook to amplify interaction and create a vibrant online space. Your content is the melody that resonates with your audience, and your engagement is the chorus they can’t help but join. So, grab that mic and let’s make your social media sing! 🎤🎶


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