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I created my Strut Strategy Sessions for girl bosses who offer amazing products or services, but still need help attracting their target market or converting their existing audience into customers. Whether you’re struggling with identifying how to navigate your Public Relations strategy or need guidance in how to achieve better results from your content marketing (including social media marketing, email marketing, your brand blog, and more), you’ll get the opportunity to pick my brain to gain clarity, hear expert insights, and learn action-driven solutions. During our 90 minute session, I’ll nail down your pain points and sit down with you to make sure you walk away with a clear understanding of how to directly address them through clearer messaging, a more focused strategy, or simple tactics you can put into action immediately.



8 reviews for Strut Strategy Sessions

  1. Aliah Hemby, Creator of Lee Baby Galore

    This was my first strategy session EVER after starting my business almost a year ago! I wish I would have done this when I first launched because I swear this informational was very useful. I love the fact that she actually follows my brand so it makes the relationship more authentic because she’s able to provide feedback and suggestions based on her interaction with my brand and not just “general” feedback. I cannot WAIT to implement the things we discussed during the call and check in with her on my progress!!!

  2. Lauren Lancaster, Blk Wmn Quotes

    Working with Gabrielle was definitely a game changer for my business. Before our session I was unclear about the direction I wanted to go in, after talking with Gabrielle I got the clarity I needed to be able to have the most impact on cultivating a community of quoted Black women.

  3. Roshana Robertson, Blessings Online Boutique

    My session with Gabriella of Strut Communications was so productive and informative. She gave me so much insight about using social media to help market my online boutique. She gave me an abundance of tips about content, reaching and connecting with my target audience, and getting them to engage more with me. I left that session feeling empowered and motivated to implement all the things we spoke about.

    Gabriella even sent me a follow-up email summarizing all the points we discussed and a plan for going forward. I’m so happy I came across this young fellow Brooklynite, who is smart, focused, and supportive.

    I look forward to working with Strut again and using Gabriella as my resource for all things Social media.

  4. Katera Price

    Where shall I start?! Gabriella truly takes her craft seriously and came prepared! She dissected my brand thoroughly and left no stone unturned. It wasn’t just the average feedback/suggestions either. She provided in depth explanations on what she saw, asked what I was thinking about the information given and provided a resolution. I’m so sad I waited so long to book the strut session! You get more then you pay for I promise you. There is no “filler”information. What she is telling you is not found on google, YouTube or recycled information In marketing world that is given to everyone. She truly dived into my brand and catered all information to me specifically. I look forward to continuing to work with her in future with my business.

  5. Kareemah Muhammad

    Gabriella is amazing at what she does! She spent time to get to know my brand and provided insights on what will best serve my audience. She was fun to work with, patient, thorough and helped spark new ideas throughout the session. She exceeded my expectations and I would love to continue working with her. I feel so relieved in knowing I can now build a brand with some strategic goals in mind!

  6. Tiara Hargrove

    I followed Gabby via @struttosuccess and found her posts/content to be so helpful in understanding the basics of content marketing. I knew that if I wanted to grow my brand and online community, I needed an expert — for me, it was no question the person I needed to work with was Gabby! Gabby exceeded my expectations throughout the entire process of working with her! She took the necessary time to learn about my brand, and she provided me with small, doable steps to improve my social media strategy. Everything was well prepared and detail-oriented! I left the session confident that I can grow my brand on social media. Not to mention, Gabby also shared with me ways to grow outside of social media too. Gabby – thank you, THANK you, thank you! I am so excited to start using these strategies that will best serve my brand and target audience. I am so grateful for her knowledge and would HIGHLY recommend Strut Communications to other entrepreneurs too!

  7. Delilah Peach Williams

    I’ve been a follower & fan of all the insightful, informative & pretty content Gabriella shares on her Instagram page for some time now & I knew with all that she shared for free, hiring her would be above & beyond & worth any amount of money. I had the pleasure of sitting in on a Strut Communications business strategy session for my Moms Jewerly company. Not only was the session insightful it was extremely educational, inspiring. I learned years worth of information in just an hour. Gabriella was patient and understanding, not only did she put us all at ease she was reassuring. Creating & staying afloat as an entrepreneur can be overwhelming,
    but Gabriella put everything in perspective and assured us we wouldn’t be alone after this initial strategy session. Not only did she
    pour into us, she sent us a recount of everything we discussed & enclosed free feedback, like homework to keep us on track to continue making strides.
    I am extremely happy & over the moon she’s in our corner. I see myself & my Mom only going up from here, building legacy because of the tools & time
    Strut Communications gave us.
    Thank You Delilah Nov.2020

  8. Magdaline

    I love how patient and informative Gabriella was. Will definitely be happily recommending her to other businesses!

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