Client PR GIRL MANIFESTO Services Content Strategy, Content Creation, Social Media Management, Email Marketing, Digital Programming CLIENT GOALS Identify ways to further engage their active online community Increase community engagement Develop email marketing initiatives and increase open rates OUR RESULTS Developed original content series featuring prominent industry companies and thought leaders, which led to a […]

Black Bride Magazine

Client Black Bride Magazine Services Content Strategy, Content Creation, Social Media Management CLIENT GOALS Rely less on reposting aggregated content by producing more original content Increase shares, comments, and visits to the website OUR RESULTS Ideated and developed original content series, including Black Brides of the Month, which led to increased audience growth and multiple […]


Client Reconstruction Services Social Media Strategy, Social Media Management CLIENT GOALS Develop a more consistent brand voice & image on social media Promote & generate downloads for free 2023 general election voter guides Increase organization awareness and engagement OUR RESULTS Developed a unique visual brand identity for social media Generated over 200 downloads for 2023 […]

5 Signs that Your Content Marketing Strategy Need a Revamp

Black woman saying let's start over

If your content marketing plans are broken, I have the tools to fix it. So, are you ready for a revamp?  The #1 thing that hinders small business owners from growing on social media is our self-serving attitude. We think way too much about what we want to get out of our content: more followers, more likes, […]

How to Repurpose Your Content: The 4 R’s of Content Marketing

Tamy Roman saying "If it's meant to be it will circle its way back

Do you like putting all of your time, sweat, and tears into content only to use it ONCE in hopes that it gets the traction it deserves? No? Then it’s time for you to start repurposing content using the 4 R’s of content marketing.  Before we dive into this topic, there are a few words […]

4 Steps to Creating High Converting Content on Social Media

Gabriel Union saying "Did you get the views? Did you get the clicks? Did you get the engagement?"

These four steps to creating high converting content are simple but slept on — but not anymore! At one point in time, Instagram was all about posting the most beautiful, aesthetically pleasing images possible. Posting too many graphics was considered criminal. And can you believe that once upon a time, it wasn’t even possible to […]