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5 Signs that Your Content Marketing Strategy Need a Revamp

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If your content marketing plans are broken, I have the tools to fix it. So, are you ready for a revamp? 

The #1 thing that hinders small business owners from growing on social media is our self-serving attitude. We think way too much about what we want to get out of our content: more followers, more likes, more saves, more sales — and we don’t stop to think about what type of content our audience actually needs. If you’re guilty of this, read on to determine if it’s time for a revamp, and learn more about what you can do about it.

5 Signs that a Revamp Should be a Part of Your Content Marketing Plans

Truth is, there are 100 million new posts published on Instagram ALONE each day. That’s a lot of content to digest — and that’s a lot of clutter that we as small business owners have to break through to be seen by the right people! That means that every piece of content we share should provide value, evoke emotion, or entertain. But, it’s easier said than done, especially when you don’t know what’s going wrong. 

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Your Engagement is Low

If your audience isn’t liking or commenting the way they used to and you’re experiencing over low engagement, this is a clear sign that your content hasn’t evolved to keep up with the revolving door of social media trends. Your audience’s interests evolve at the same time, so make sure your content marketing ideas are up to date. Otherwise, you’ll keep seeing a decline in engagement while your audience seeks out the new and fresh trends seen on their explore page.

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Your Growth is Stagnant

If your follower count is at a standstill or is in a steady decline, this may be an indication that you are not actively engaging and networking. As a result, your brand isn’t exposed to new people — which means that you are losing out on serious opportunities to organically grow your community. The good thing is, this issue can be tackled pretty easily. Simply start by taking a few minutes of your time daily to start engaging and commenting with other people’s content — specifically the content of the people in your target audience, or the content of communities that your target audience would be likely to follow.

Be sure not to just comment heart eyes either. Remember — this is digital networking! You want to contribute to the conversation in a genuine way that makes it clear that you are interested in cultivating connections — not just being seen.

Also, if there’s a brand or creator you genuinely love, don’t be afraid to slide into their DMs! Send them a quick voice note to let them know what you love about their platform to break the ice, and consider collaborating with them if the opportunity presents itself since collaborations are an amazing way to cross-promote.

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Your Content Feels Forced

When you’re feeling uninspired, don’t force a post—your audience can tell! They can easily see when you didn’t have any true intent in your message. When your content feels forced, it’s a sign that there is a disconnect between your brand identity and the way you convey your brand message. 

If you’re feeling uninspired, it’s totally okay to take a step back, recenter your focus, and go back to the drawing board. It’s better to take a break and come back better than ever than it is to simply post for the sake of posting.

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Your Followers Won’t Buy

If your promotional content gets less engagement than anything else you post, this is a sign that you haven’t established enough trust between you and your audience. After all, most of us wouldn’t buy from a brand that we’re iffy about!

You need to make it more clear why your community needs the solution that you have to offer, by addressing their pain points and ensuring them that you truly understand them from the inside out. After consuming your content, you want them to feel like, ‘wow, it’s as if they are reading my mind!’

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Your Content is Inconsistent

If you rely on your competitors to see what you “should” be doing, stop! Of course, having a general analysis of your competitors is key to any content marketing strategy, but you want to make sure that your voice and aesthetic are authentic. If you’re having this problem, it’s a sign that you haven’t identified a unique point of view for your brand. This lack of identity confuses both you and your audience.

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Prioritize a Content Marketing Strategy Audit to Get the Ball Rolling Again

If your content is feeling a bit stale, if your audience isn’t responsive, or if your growth has felt stagnant, I can help you fix that with a content marketing audit. During your audit, I’ll analyze your current content marketing strategy to identify what you’re doing well, what you can be doing better, and key opportunities that exist for you to leverage your brand presence that you aren’t fully taking advantage of. These insights are then turned into actionable recommendations that will guide you step by step on how to adjust your content strategy to tap into authentic and sustainable growth. 

In addition to a comprehensible analysis of your content branding, consistency, and composition, this audit includes a breakdown of 4 to 5 content categories to help you magnetize what makes you and your brand unique so that you can convey your calls to action is a way that makes your audience know that your offer is EXACTLY what they’ve been looking for! After I conduct an analysis of your brand’s social media profiles, I’ll provide a list of customized recommendations to use to help you find your audience. Lastly, the audit includes content checklists that outline the best practices for posting content on your key social media platforms.


Sounds like what you need? I got you!! You can sign up for your content marketing audit here.

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