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Take the Quiz: 3 Time-Saving Social Media Strategies to Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder

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Whether you’re a CMO, CCO, VP of Social Media or a Social Media Manager, you know that keeping up with the ins and outs of social media – from new features to everchanging trends – can be super overwhelming. 

Social media requires that unhinged balance between having hyper focused strategic goals and KPIs, while executing it in a way that feels fresh, organic, and authentic to your audience. It’s the literal definition of opposites attract. 


If all that strategic overthinking paired with doom scrolling (aka ‘trend watching’ 😅) is feeling overwhelming, steal our social media team’s top strategies for saving time without compromising on quality or results.


#1. Establish a Marketing Hub

How much time do you spend looking for random files, color codes, campaign briefs, and asset folders? You wouldn’t believe how much time you’d save by creating one singular source of truth where all of the assets you and your team need can be easily accessed on a regular basis. We love to use our Airtable/Notion Content Organizer (which we highly recommend), but you can use whatever works best for your team!


#2. Create an evergreen weekly content plan

Brainstorming, planning, and creating dozens of social media posts each month can feel daunting when you’re starting from scratch every. single. time. Our best hack for streamlining how we plan content while maintaining consistency is establishing a theme or content style for each day of the week. This way, you already know what you’re posting about, and just need to plug and play the details based on what’s timely and relevant. Maybe Mondays you share relatable memes, or maybe each day of the week can be dedicated to a content pillar. Or up the anty by creating content series with a set format you can rinse and repeat weekly. There’s a million ways to approach this, but the goal is the same: create a theme for each day to simplify how you content plan (trust us, this trick is a game changer!).


#3. Template it Out

Long gone are the days where every single post needs to be a custom design or brand new concept. Templated content is the GOAT because it makes your content more recognizable and consistent for your audience, while giving you a repeatable format you can use so you’re not always starting from scratch. Invest in branded templates for the types of content your brand creates most frequently (think quotes, carousels, infographics) and keep them on repeat. Consider doing the same for captions (ie. event announcement captions, etc).


At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that time is one of your most precious resources. But armed with these time saving strategies, you’re ready to conquer the digital landscape with efficiency and flair, hun! No matter which tips you personally resonate with, they serve as a secret weapon to slaying your social media game.

So go ahead, put these strategies into action, and watch your online presence soar to new heights. With time on your side, you’re not just a player in this digital game- you’re a master of your own destiny. And I’m here to support you along the way, hun!


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